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July 2024
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Prescription Drugs

Question if I’ve been prescribed medication and I don’t use all the tablets can I return them to the pharmacy or should I throw them away?   JD

   To get rid of them please return them to your Pharmacy / Chemist and they will dispose of them.

Please don’t throw them down the toilet or sink or they will reach the waterways.

Please don’t throw them away in the rubbish, or they will eventually reach the water and as you can see, in both ways you may affect peoples’ health.

Please don’t re-order your tablets so that they are going to be stocked up.  If you do they may go out of date. If they do go out of date they should not be used. They will not contain the correct dose that your doctor wants you to have.

Please don’t give your prescription drugs to anyone else as it could cause serious problems with their health.

Professor Steve Field, the leader of Britain’s family doctors, urged those who share medicines to stop before someone died as a result. “The sharing of drugs in this way is very dangerous because neither the patient who was first prescribed the medication nor the person now taking them will understand the drug or its side effects, or its possible interaction with other drugs you may be taking, those taking them are putting themselves at risk of harm or even death.”

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