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July 2024
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Wheelchair users

Mybility has changed my life for good!

IMG_20151026_175812 IMG_20151026_175857 IMG_20151026_175923 IMG_20151026_180016

Excuse the building work that was going on in these pictures but this is my Beast The Four XDL- I’ve called her JacknJill cause she is going to get me safely up n down to where I need to be.

How can you describe to anyone what it’s like to be able to access places people without disability can access?  What does it feel like being the only one of the group who has to detour to the next dropped kerb, whilst your friends cross over at the edge of the road and either wait for you to catch up, or you push like mad to get back into the conversation? Mybility

Have you ever been asked to go out for the day but suddenly discovered that there are no paths in the walk that you are taking, so the day out is curtailed or everyone else is on the beach but your wheelchair is stuck in the sand?  Mybility

Well I’ve found a new way of life with an all terrain wheelchair that doesn’t damage carpets in the house. It deals with a 6 inch kerb really easily, can access a pub with a step and a sharp turn – so I was able to join my family in a Pre-Wedding meal at a pub with no ramp – My I wished someone had videoed me doing that!    Mybility

It’s crash tested, so safe in a car with tie downs, it is able to “climb” up a wall if the corridor is a bit narrow, yes I’ve done that a number of times. It travels on uneven ground, over tree roots, in the grass. It has 5 years of parts included in the price and the frame is guaranteed for 10 years. It travels through ‘A’ bar gates which prevent motor bikes going through. I’ve already done the Wolds Way from Humber Bridge to North Ferriby and return without my battery running out.  In fact I can go to work and at the end of the day still take Alucia out on  a good hour’s walk and the battery level is still good if you look at Mybility you can see that over a period of 4 days they did the Pennine Way, how good is that.  The batteries are in the box on the back so are above the chair not underneath.

I’ve seen the videos of the kids playing in the snow and on the beach and guess what in a few weeks I will be on the sandy beach with my Assistance Dog Alucia, I can’t wait and neither can she as it has been left to others to take her to the water’s edge    Mybility

It stands me up, it lies me out so that when I have an infusion I can stay in my chair without having to transfer to a hospital bed.  It can help me reach things on the higher shelves when out shopping, while Alucia can get the items from the bottom shelves.   Mybility

I can go to work because I can cross thresholds, I don’t get stuck on gravel with my wheels going whiiiiiiirrrrrr as they dig deeper into the base of the gravel.

Alucia and I have been learning Agility in doors as its too wet outside, but she’s getting quite good and I am looking forward to teaching her new skills when we join the intermediate class out doors in June

Here we are having some training Agility class

I am, now, more than able. I researched what would be best for me and with the assistance of Access to Work, Savings and my Personal Health Budget I have a Wheelchair that is helping me live a life of Ability. Chris delivered my wheelchair to my house, and spent time making sure it fitted me, then it was outside and learn the basics.  The 4 wheel drive is very different from midwheel and rear wheel drive chairs there is so much more control.  Then it was learn the positions for climbing up kerbs and going down kerbs, the weight of the machine has to be in the right place to give the best stability.  We charged up the road in a semi standing position, over the rough grass as well as over well repaired tarmac.  I learned more in that 2 hours by being taught by someone who actually knows and uses the chair.  There is support when you need help.  I got my chair stuck in my van 2 days after getting it, but Chris  was there for me. I phoned up and in a very supportive manner, he calmed me down and then he talked me into getting my wheelchair out of my van.  You see Mybility are users of this wheelchair and they have the knowledge of what is a problem, they are a phone cal, email or a text away.  I didn’t need to call out the RAC or call a shop to be informed to bring said van and chair to them so they could lift it out.  It’s team work and I am proud to be an owner of an amazing chair through an amazing company Mybility

University of Kent help needed from wheelchair Users

At a recent visit to Naidex I came across a project that the University of Kent is trying to get Wheelchair users to help them with the information. Please take a look and if you are able to help, please print out the sheets or contact one of the authors to get a copy of the project.

Thank you for taking time to look at this and take part. The last page can be printed out 4 times. Do hope that you will be able to help them out.

Thank you University of kent