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May 2024
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What is Look After the Penny All About?

What is Look After the Penny All About?


Look After The Penny, came about because of the number of times people who have been looking for information have not known where to go.  Everyone tells you that you can ask a friend, or look it up on Google, or ask the Doctor or ……..

So, what happens when you believe that you have been given all the information because the person who told you is a “Professional”?  Well all people have bad days, no-one is a Robot and everyone is a “human being” who is able to forget things, or doesn’t have time, or wishes there were 26 hours in a day to deal with all the things that are needed in the world.

This website will never be an encyclopedia, but maybe with some people asking questions, then I can help provide information of where you may go and get some help.  Recommendation is usually a useful thing.  If your family or friends recommend people or services because they have used them, then you hope that you can trust them too.

I have a background of working as a Nurse and Midwife in the NHS, Teaching in Further Education, and Higher Education, Living as a Service User of Social Care, Working as an Expert by Experience for Inspection in Social Care, looking at the Patient Environment in the NHS as a Lay Member, Learning about Benefits for Disability, Learning how to drive a car that has been adapted for hand controls, Trying for better service for Disabled People.

I am working as a Service User with Universities to develop their programmes for Nurses and Social Work Students as an Expert of Experience as a Service User.

Socially I have directed Plays in Amateur Theatre as well as Acting and taking part in the Edinburgh Fringe both as Actor and Back Stage Crew.

I do voluntary work with the Local LINks group for Health and Social Care, i have contributed to forums with the local NHS PCT and am involved with disability groups both as a Trustee and as a contributing member.

Basically I am now a Joatmon. (Jack of all trades, master of none) and proud of all that I have done and am doing

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