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February 2024
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Personalisation for Me (Cont)

Personalisation for Me (Cont)

So now to complete the form.  There are certain sections such as Who I am? to build a pen picture of my self to include things about my personality, my beliefs, things that are important in my life, my hopes and fears and things people need to know about me for when I need support.

Good Golly Miss Molly! Sang the Swinging Blue Jeans in 1964, but just as this has been brought out by lots of groups since 1958 with Little Richard, the expressions are still the same and other people want to know all about you time after time.

Interesting is it not, that if you don’t need support you never have to prove yourself to anyone?  Even if you go for an interview.  Well the positive side of this is that I’ve got my chance now to do myself justice, and if people want to know that you are not telling lies or trying to get money under false pretences here we go.

Onwards and upwards to the positives and “What is already working well in my life… to move to the downward and inward depressive side “What is not working well in my life”  There are enough bad things to deal with!  However with that statement you get the follow through of what you would like support with to enable you to do it.  It is not always easy to tell the good things that could come out of the bad things, but we are being given a very good opportunity.

Do people believe it is right that you should make yourself feel better by writing what you can’t do? Try it.

I am a really Positive Person. there is always something positive about anything that happens. Why don’t you give it a go?

So with support to develop new ways of thinking, I have to ask for information.  Isn’t it amazing what you don’t know you need to know, until someone comes along with a gift of asking questions outside the Box.  Well wouldn’t it be useful to be signposted?  If you think about it, when you want to drive from A to B, you could use a variety of signposts.  To start with you could use a road map, you could use the internet such as a route planner, in the old days the AA would provide one, if you phoned them (if you were a member). Or theres the “Sat Nav”.  Well at the moment, yes I can “Google” it, but what if I don’t know what is available to me?

This is where the forms that Social Services ask many questions with, that may help you to think outside the box!


To be continued

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