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February 2024
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I try to make another’s day each time that we pass by.

 I’ll travel along the road at waist height, but there’s always a gleam in my eye.

I’ll try to catch your attention, look at your face and then smile

It seems to be working, you glance and react!  At least that’s worth my while

What your thoughts? Are you puzzled or not? Did you wonder if we’d spoken before?

Did I brighten your day, did it make your feel worse? I’m really not very sure

Have you thought about making another’s day bright? Have you thought how that’ll make you feel?

A chance to let the weariness drop, an opportunity to show that you’re real

A real, alive, positive person! A chance to lighten the load.

To greet life with bursts of energy that’s with you on the road.

I know when I was a Midwife, in a uniform I was so proud,

It was good to smile, and acknowledge, to grin broadly at the rest of the world

The response was always fabulous, returned with cheerful delight!

My life seem fulfilled, I had made someone’s day! I knew it had to be right.

But when I came out of uniform I continued with the same grin.

Only now I was confusing people, it seemed like I was committing a sin!

Unless you know a person You aren’t allowed to smile!

They think you’re being forward, be careful they’ll run a mile!

But now I’ve got my chariot, it’s easy to perfect my old skill.

I’m at the lower point of their eyes When everything else seems uphill

It’s that downcast, hangdog expression. When gravity pulls your face to the ground;

If you’re not careful, it’ll pull a little further ‘til they think you’re like a bloodhound!

So, Lift those little corners crinkle up the eyes, and reach your peak of maturity

Be happy, start smiling, feel wise.

©Pam Quick October 2006

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