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February 2024
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No matter the times you use the phone just to have a good chat

Then a voice begins to drone on a bit, interrupt and confound, it’s a fact.

A voice that isn’t the person you want, it’s not who you’re expecting to hear.

Instead there’s a noise or computer conversion loudly expressed in your ear.

The message that delivers short information, with directive speech and the rest;

But all of a sudden there is no relation you dialled the wrong number. What a pest!

Then there’s the poet who manages to make the number and message appear

So beautifully rhymed, and clear at first take; leaving your thoughts quite unclear.

How can you think of a rhyming retort, in a minute or half that is left?

You flounder, you’re speechless (you can report), you forgot what to say, you’re bereft!

A Polite little message is all that you leave with a wobble caused by a smile.

With your heart expressing, where is the reprieve? You wished you could look in a file

To find a good message that would really sound good, to say with conviction, out loud.

But it’s never around, oh if only you could! Leaving  you feeling mightily proud.

It’s awfully hard to sound like yourself, when recording the message as sender.

But if you could hear just what it sounds like, rewarding would not be so tender.

Prepare yourself to plan what to say, to be precise, with a joyful good tone.

Dial the number, the tones ring and then to recite.  Damme they answered phone.

Copyright © July 2003 Pam Quick

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