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February 2024
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Personalisation how effective is that for me?

I’ve heard it used for websites, “tailor made” for one to read.

So what’s it going to mean for me, for how I’ll live in future?

Will I make the deciding choice, and will I be the tutor?

A chance to take the leading role, don’t organise my rota,

I decide when to get out of bed, or an outing in the motor.

I know that I have to ensure, I don’t suffer from B.O

Or other things that make folks complain, that feels an added load.

I suppose I’ll have to conform to the “normal” way of life

But just think, the possibility, when I decide to take a wife

Or could it be a husband? It depends on the way I feel

What’s important in my life, is that I can choose the skill.

Instead of others organizing, those who “tell me what to do”,

If it was you how would you feel?  I’d really like to know.

So how can you be helpful, can you listen, not judge or accept?

Can you keep the information private, or could you be a threat?

It’s easy to be a gossip, it’s good to share your views

But mine are something personal, there’s some things I don’t want to disclose.

Nor should you to anyone, unless it’s essential to my care,

My information that you hold I forbid that you should share.

So how can you support me, help me think outside the box?

To find out information which seems hidden under locks.

I need you to ask me questions that may signpost the way

It may take several ways of asking, but, please, let me have my say.

What is important in my life? What do I want to achieve?

How am I going to do it? What support will I need?

There’s many different questions like Personal Health and Mental needs,

Managing my safety, finance and social deeds.

Do I have a pet at home? Can I go on Holiday?

Can I find the support for work, or keep in touch with Family?

Who’s in charge of Cooking? Who buys in the food?

If I don’t get help to get new clothes, huh, you’ll find me in the Nude.

I want to go to the Theatre, or visit a museum or two.

What if I need some help to get there, or other social do’s

It’s easy for you to decide to go and enjoy a social evening

My day needs to be planned with support and help, I feel many a time I am weaving.

So many pathways to juggle and so many issues to sort

I think by the time I’m ready for bed, I could possibly have lost the plot!

So please help sort my very busy needs, I want to be in control

I do need your help, I forget to ask, but we all need to reach our Goal.

And here is the blissful moment, when I take charge of the plan we agreed

To be up front in the Driving Seat of the Personalised plan of my need.

©Pam Quick March 2011