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May 2024
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Save money on your Bills

Benefits: where to get the information

Benefits in the UK change according to where you live.  There are different rules for people living in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  It is best for you to check if there is any support for you to apply for.

Check out the Citizens Advice


Save money on your Bills

So you want to Save Money!

I’ve come across a way to reduce your bills.

Whether it is to save money on home or business bills you’ve clicked the right page

For Saving Money on Home Bills they say:

Here at Utility Warehouse, we’re different from the rest. In fact, we’re unique! We’re the only place you can get your Energy, Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile services, all bundled together. By combining services, we’re able to keep costs low and make life easier for our members. You’ll have just one monthly bill for all your utilities, making budgeting easier and putting you in control of your spending.

 Save Money on your Home Bills

I’m living proof. I’ve been a member since 2004 and every time another company contacts me to “try and save me money” they tell me if I have more than gas and electricity then they can’t.  What better proof is that!

 So you run a Business then you can save as well

If you’re looking to cut your business overheads, let us supply your phone and broadband, mobiles, gas and electricity. The more services you take from us, the more you can save – plus you can earn up to 18.5% CashBack when you buy your everyday supplies.

Unlike other utility companies we have on-the-ground local distributors that you can call on to help you save money. We are committed to providing excellent customer support and have a single number to our award-winning UK call centre offering prompt and professional help on managing your account and technical issues (most calls are answered within 15 seconds) so you can get on with running your business.

So if you want a better deal for your business utilities, join our Club today.

Save money on your Business Bills